Editor’s Note: Submissions for “Spilling Tea”

A lot of folks have asked what the deal is with our third issue of FIYAH, Spilling Tea. Are we talking literal tea, metaphorical tea, magical tea?

We are talking about all of the tea.

We’re talking about back room gossip traded on a third tier moon by a ne’er do well space captain and her ex-girlfriend, tea that inevitably leads to a mission where everything goes wrong.

We’re talking about literal tea, as an enslaved Black magician forced to hide the patriots at the Boston Tea Party ruminates on freedom and liberty and what it means to work for both while having neither.

And we’re talking about tea as we’ve never imagined it, as a princess in a magical land risks it all for that one taste of a forbidden tea belonging to jealous gods.

So, what does it mean to Spill Tea? You tell us.

Just make sure it’s lit.


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