Our Black Speculative Fiction Writer Survey is nearing its close, and that means we’ll be crunching the numbers for our 2017 report on writer submission statistics and experiences for release early next year. While all are interesting, some of the responses we’ve received so far are concerning.

We would like to extend an invitation to paying markets who want to share the changes/progress they have made or intend to make in 2017 following Fireside Fiction Company’s #BlackSpecFic report. It is important to writers —Black writers in this case— to know that markets are seeing these diversity studies and intend to take them seriously. So if you are planning any outreach, marketing yourselves on an additional platform to increase your visibility, diversifying your masthead, paying first readers, etc., we want to know about it.

Use the form below to briefly describe your new measures, or link us to your stance published elsewhere. We’ll make sure it makes it into our report.


LeKesha is a wearer of many hats and writes novel-length fantasy while wearing any number of them. When she's had it published, you'll be the first to know. She is an ASL teacher and first responder in Florida, reads for bipolar representation for Disability in KidLit, and blogs books and mental health occasionally for BlackGirlNerds.com. She tweets, too. @ElleLewis6
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