Your name and personal information will be kept private and used only for the purposes of this survey. Some questions will ask about your submission process, so it will be good to have handy any system and/or emails you use to track your submissions, sales, and rejections during the survey.

Thank you for your participation. Thank you even more for writing.

Survey Participation Requirements

For the purposes of this survey, participating writers:

  • must have submitted at least one piece of short speculative fiction to a paying market in the last 12 months. You do not have to be published in order to participate in the survey. Speculative fiction includes fantasy, science fiction, horror, paranormal and all of their included subgenres. “Short” fiction includes shorts, novelettes, and novellas¬†(under 40,000 words).
  • must identify as Black or of the African Diaspora (to include mixed/biracial)

THE 2017 SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED. The report will be released in Spring 2019 as part of a biannual schedule.

Click here to visit our 2016 results report.


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