Fiyah Magazine is again open for submissions. We’re accepting stories for our third issue, which is themed Sundown Towns. For those of you who aren’t familiar, a Sundown Town is a neighborhood or community, typically all-white, that enforces segregation though exclusion of other races via discriminatory laws, intimidation, and threats of violence. The most famous example of a Sundown Town was Hawthorne, California, where a sign posted outside of the city read “Nigger, Don’t Let The Sun Set On You in Hawthorne.”

Now, of course, we are open to stories about literal sundown towns. But more than that, we want you to tackle some essential concepts in your stories that are related to the idea of sundown towns. Concepts of space and belonging.

When you’re thinking about belonging, dig deep and think about who gets to decide who belongs? How is that belonging enforced? Consider: a human-elf hybrid attempting to integrate their mother’s ancestral elven community despite elvish discrimination.

We also want to you address the power dynamics inherent in hostile spaces. What makes a space unsafe for marginalized people? How were these spaces created? How are they violated, forgotten, transformed? How are they destroyed?

Think about a vampire caught in a coven after dawn, or an uprising in a slave-droid ghetto, or, yes, think of the real, true struggles of our ancestors as they were hounded, threatened, and insulted for merely wanting a place to rest their heads.

Remember, give us your bravest, best work. Give us your most honest stuff. Give us that FIYAH.

We’re waiting.

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