Our Final 2017 Issue: Roots

So, thus far FIYAH, year one has celebrated our rebirth, spilt some tea, and taken you to sundown towns.

The final magazine theme for this year is Roots.

Tree roots. Family roots. Rooted to a spot willingly or unwillingly. Roots of culture, fully realized or truncated, severed by the sharp edge of history.

When we think of roots, we think of roots that dig deep into the earth to pull sustenance, that anchor us to a time and place and keep us from blowing away in the wind. We think of the ties to a history that we can’t access, the function of diaspora. We also think of those deep buried branches that keep us trapped in the same place, repeating the same patterns as all those who plunged deep into the same ground we have. We consider Booker T. Washington’s famous advice “grow where you are planted” and consider what it might be like to time travel and plant ourselves at a lunch counter in 1950s Alabama, protesting inequality with our presence and maybe a laser cannon.


So, for this issue, give us fearless women who won’t be moved or family complexities that span continents and magical abilities, and a longing for an old world destroyed by giant space worms. Go wild.

Whatever you do, make it weird, make it awesome, and make it unapologetically Black.

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