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Artist Interview: Trevor Fraley

Illustrator Trevor Fraley provided the artwork for our first issue of 2018. We fired off some interview questions to learn more about his work. 1) Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from, what drew you into becoming an artist? I’m from the mythical part of New Jersey, made up of corn fields and[…]

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The road to publication is not easy for anyone and comes with a number of hurdles. For black writers, these challenges are multiplied and because of institutional issues, the path seems almost impossible. But the resiliency of black folks always finds a way and for many black SFF writers that way was in the form[…]

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Issue Two: SPILLING TEA Cover + ToC Announcement

We are thrilled to present the cover and table of contents for the SPILLING TEA issue of FIYAH Literary Magazine. Cover art by Geneva Benton Featuring stories in the vein of SPILLING TEA: Vade Retro Satana — a short story by Maurice Broaddus Talking to Cancer — a short story by Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali The Hard Shell — a short story by[…]

Camp Fiyah Authors Chat #1

On January 18th, 2017, the authors featured in the REBIRTH issue of FIYAH got together to talk about their work and the world of Black SFF. The audio recording is almost entertainingly grungy, and we’d have uploaded it here if some non-licensed music wasn’t playing in the background. Growing pains. Feel free to donate some[…]

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Donate to FIYAH!

Got some extra scratch burning a hole in your… mobile banking device? Well, now you can donate it to FIYAH to help us exceed your expectations in 2017. Our staff is a volunteer staff, so your donations don’t go to our pockets. Instead, you’ll help: increase the amount we are able to pay our creative contributors of art[…]