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Issue Four: ROOTS Cover + ToC Announcement

We are thrilled to present the cover and table of contents for the ROOTS issue of FIYAH Literary Magazine. Cover art by Geneva Benton   Featuring stories in the vein of ROOTS: Sisyphus – a short story by C. L. Clark Riley and Robot – a short story by Arnica Ross Excavate – a short story[…]

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Five Reasons that TWELVE DAYS is a boss novel.

Blackness that doesn’t have to apologize or explain itself – So often in media (yes, even still in 2017), black characters are expected to justify their existence in a narrative. We have to be black for a “reason” or its pandering. Or it’s unnecessary. Or it takes away from the story. The list goes on[…]

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TWELVE DAYS: 12 Questions for a SFF Juggernaut

The staff here at FIYAH is very please and delighted to present to you Steven Barnes, author of too many wonderful SFF books to name and absolutely one of the pillars of the black SFF community. We spend a little time today talking to him about his latest novel, TWELVE DAYS. FIYAH: Now that TWELVE[…]