Rebirth Issue Story Excerpts

Here’s a little taste of the heat in the Rebirth issue of Fiyah Magazine, which is available in these e-streets right now. Links to buy the Rebirth issue are posted below, but we want you to take a quick peek at what you’re going to get before you purchase. Click on each title to expand[…]

icon for the Rebirth cover of FIYAH

Issue One: REBIRTH Cover + ToC Announcement

We are thrilled to present the cover and table of contents for the REBIRTH issue of FIYAH Literary Magazine. Cover art by Geneva Benton Featuring stories in the vein of REBIRTH: Revival — a short story by Wendi Dunlap Long Time Lurker, First Time Bomber — a short story by Malon Edwards We Have Ended — a short[…]

small cover icon for Geneva Benton's artist interview

Artist Interview: Geneva Benton

Geneva Benton is the cover artist for the 2017 issues of FIYAH! The following is the first part of an interview we will be conducting with Geneva throughout the year to learn more about her beautiful illustrations. You can view more of her work on Instagram, support her Patreon, and purchase printed apparel featuring many of her original characters on[…]

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Preorders are LIVE!

  If you were around at midnight last night, we pointed out brand new Shop and My Account buttons on our navigation bar. Go on, look. See them? Good. We did that because the subscription preorder is now open! You’ll set up an account at checkout when you buy yours. And when new releases drop every few[…]