We are thrilled to present the cover and table of contents for the ninth issue of FIYAH Literary Magazine.

Cover for FIYAH #9


Features include:

The Ishologu – a short story by Jonathan Kincade
Gloss – a short story by Kola Heyward-Rotimi
The Daemon King of Engim – a short story by Rafeeat Aliyu
Notes on the Plague – a short story by Shamar Harriott

The Rat King of Spanish Harlem – a novelette by Nicky Drayden

Nest – a poem by B. Sharise Moore;
The Basket Weaver – a poem by Soonest Nathaniel


This issue will be available for individual purchase and accessible to subscribers January 1, 2019.

LeKesha is a wearer of many hats and writes novel-length fantasy while wearing any number of them. When she's had it published, you'll be the first to know. She is an ASL teacher and first responder in Florida, reads for bipolar representation for Disability in KidLit, and blogs books and mental health occasionally for BlackGirlNerds.com. She tweets, too. @ElleLewis6
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