Hello FIYAH Magazine Readers, Supporters, and Friends,

I’m writing today with some bittersweet news: I am stepping down as Executive Editor of FIYAH Magazine.

It has been my genuine pleasure to serve as editor these past three years. FIYAH has changed the landscape of SFF short fiction. Before we entered the field, the publication rates for black authors in SFF magazines was dismal and had been for years. When FIYAH came on the scene, we brought with us the work and the dreams of so many black authors who simply wanted their work to be recognized and to get a fair shot. Well, I believe that we’ve helped them do that, to the tune of fifty short stories and novelettes, nearly two dozen poems, and a host of stunning covers from black artists, not to mention all of the black SFF work featured from independent authors and comics creators.

My time with FIYAH has been life-changing. I didn’t imagine in my wildest dreams that I’d ever be an editor, or that I’d ever be responsible for helping authors like myself introduce their stories to the world. I am honored that authors have trusted me with their work. I am grateful for the grace that they have granted me. I am in awe of all the talent that gets sent to our submissions on the daily. To our authors, your work has blessed me.

For those of you who think that this is the end of my time with FIYAH, don’t fear. I will still be involved, mostly in helping to raise and manage funds for the magazine, making sure that we can sustain ourselves for the future we wish to have. I’m deeply grateful to the amazing team that will be continuing the editorial work. DaVaun Sanders has been a part of FIYAH since its inception. Our authors are in capable hands. L.D. Lewis and Brent Lambert will make sure that our impeccable design and irresistible cultural presence remains the same. Our associate editors will continue to help choose the best stories for the magazine. And I will be supporting them and making sure they have everything they need to keep going.

It’s been an honor, and my pleasure, to work on behalf of black genius. I end my farewell with a plea. If you want to see us continue our necessary work, share FIYAH with a friend. Buy someone a gift subscription or send an issue. Expose them to the necessary work that we are doing so that they will be moved to buy an issue or share our work with someone else. We need you, and we are deeply grateful for your support.

Keep writing the future!

All love,

Troy Wiggins

Troy is a writer and editor of speculative fiction from Memphis, Tennessee. His short fiction and essays have appeared in Griots: Sisters of the Spear, Long Hidden: Speculative Fiction From the Margins of History, Memphis Noir, Literary Orphans, and Book Riot. He blogs about speculative fiction, race, and nerd culture at Afrofantasy. Troy lives in Memphis with his wife and their two dogs.
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