Camp Fiyah Authors Chat #1

On January 18th, 2017, the authors featured in the REBIRTH issue of FIYAH got together to talk about their work and the world of Black SFF. The audio recording is almost entertainingly grungy, and we’d have uploaded it here if some non-licensed music wasn’t playing in the background. Growing pains. Feel free to donate some Read more

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Accepting Market Statements on #BlackSpecFic

Our Black Speculative Fiction Writer Survey is nearing its close, and that means we’ll be crunching the numbers for our 2017 report on writer submission statistics and experiences for release early next year. While all are interesting, some of the responses we’ve received so far are concerning. We would like to extend an invitation to Read more

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Donate to FIYAH!

Got some extra scratch burning a hole in your… mobile banking device? Well, now you can donate it to FIYAH to help us exceed your expectations in 2017. Our staff is a volunteer staff, so your donations don’t go to our pockets. Instead, you’ll help: increase the amount we are able to pay our creative contributors of art Read more

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Call for Cover Art Submissions

THIS SUBMISSION WINDOW IS NOW CLOSED. THANK YOU TO EVERY WONDERFULLY TALENTED ARTIST WHO SENT US THEIR WORK. WE WILL BE ISSUING RESPONSES THE FIRST WEEK OF NOVEMBER. FIYAH is looking to pay an artist to design the cover for our inaugural issue! We are a Black speculative fiction magazine publishing quarterly, which means there will Read more

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