Issue #22: TOC + Cover Announcement

We are thrilled to present the cover and table of contents for the 22nd issue of FIYAH Literary Magazine.   Features include: Needs, Wants, and Dead Things – a short story by Kirk A. Johnson A Brief and Hideous Scrawl – a short story by Erin Brown Liqueur of Memory – a short story by Read more

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The 2022 #BlackSpecFic Report and Survey

  The original #BlackSpecFic Report launched in 2016 by Fireside Magazine served as a catalyst for the creation of FIYAH, by revealing that Black writers represented less than 2% of the field of published short speculative fiction. We like to think we’ve come a long way since then, though exactly how far remains to be Read more

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FIYAH 2021 Award Eligibility

2021 is over. Allegedly. We haven’t gone back to check. But, as Gregorian calendars everywhere say it’s now 2022, it means FIYAH has officially been around for five entire years of Black excellence and perseverance in the many faces of our shared and comically grim reality. In the last year, we’ve added 18 new works Read more

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“When I find the first letter” by Aiya Sakr

When I find the first letter   in the garden among the green beans I try to ignore it think           it a weed          it grows and    grows blank                ink a foot         off the raised bed tail like                   a flaccid flag   this ي               I have thought expected someone would  find me                 letters turn to rot                 Read more

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