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We’re spilling tea in the Spring 2017 issue of FIYAH.

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VADE RETRO SATANA // Maurice Broaddus

Not even Macia’s thick armor can protect her from her own conscience. A story of redemption, self-determination, and discovering what faith truly means.

TALKING TO CANCER // Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali

Layla has the power to save or end a person’s life with a few words. In this story, we learn the true limits of power and responsibility.

THE HARD SHELL // Russell Nichols

The story of a hard boiled detective, a chick, and town steeped in lies. You think you know the truth behind the rhymes, but the truth is you don’t know Jack from Jill.

THE BEEKEEPER’S GARDEN // Christopher Caldwell

In this dreamy tale, a young woman is trapped in a strange house with a strange woman and no memory of her past. She must brave her captor’s garden and learn its secrets if she is to make her escape.


Arin wants to go home to Earth, and Tinu wants to let go of her Earthborn memories. In this story, we explore the true meaning of family and belonging.

WE LAUGH IN ITS FACE // Barbara L.W. Myers

What good is forever if you have no one to spend it with? In this story, we explore the true cost of life eternal.


Wanted: one negress to find a certain lost cargo. Welcome to a Charleston of the past filled with a very necessary magic.

INDIE SPOTLIGHT : COAL // Constance Burris

1 review for Issue #2: SPILLING TEA

  1. Chloe Wiggins (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this issue and am looking forward to future ones. I really liked how the theme was incorporated into the stories, especially in “Beekeeper’s Garden” and “Grave Robbing Negress Seeks Employment.” Sometimes I have issues with short stories feeling rushed or incomplete, but I felt like all the entries were well-paced and had good re-reading value. I also loved the cover artwork.

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