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REVIEW: Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse

(Disclaimer: This book is full of Indigenous worldbuilding. The reviewer in question is not Indigenous and is thus nowhere near the best source for thoughts/critique in those areas of the novel.  Our suggestions would be to take what you will from this, but to look to Indigenous reviewers as your primary source.) I finished TRAIL OF LIGHTNING in a matter…

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FIYAH Reviews: LOST GODS by Micah Yongo

Lost Gods By Micah Yongo A FIYAH REVIEW from Brent Lambert The first and most immediate thing that I can say I loved about this novel was its sense of identity.  There’s an issue with constructing secondary worlds in which the world can feel like a non-cohesive hodgepodge of elements seemingly thrown together for a cool factor.  Not here.  This…

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Five Reasons that TWELVE DAYS is a boss novel.

Blackness that doesn’t have to apologize or explain itself – So often in media (yes, even still in 2017), black characters are expected to justify their existence in a narrative. We have to be black for a “reason” or its pandering. Or it’s unnecessary. Or it takes away from the story. The list goes on and on. But this novel…

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