A Few Quick Tips On Submitting Your Story to FIYAH

  So, you’ve written a short story, sent it around to readers for critiques, and now you’re ready to submit your work to FIYAH. Before you hit send on that submission email, take a moment to look over some tips from us on how to make your story stand out from the crowd. Before we Read more

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From The Poetry Editor: What I’m Looking For

The door is open once again! FIYAH is ready to see more of your work this season! And if you’re like me when a magazine is open for submissions, you are boundlessly excited. You have words you have been passionately working at for what feels like ages, unpublished, waiting eagerly for their chance to be Read more

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Editor’s Note: Sundown Towns

Fiyah Magazine is again open for submissions. We’re accepting stories for our third issue, which is themed Sundown Towns. For those of you who aren’t familiar, a Sundown Town is a neighborhood or community, typically all-white, that enforces segregation though exclusion of other races via discriminatory laws, intimidation, and threats of violence. The most famous Read more

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