Accessing Your Issues

FIYAH is a digital-only publication with quarterly releases in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats.


Subscribers to issues from 2017-2019 will find their issues under My Account > Downloads. 2020-2021 issues may appear under My Account > My Subscription only if your subscription is active. Subscriptions for the upcoming year renew October 15th. If you do not intend to renew your subscription, you must download your purchased issues before October 15th, as they will no longer be available once your subscription is cancelled or inactive.

On the My Subscription tab, you may also manage your subscription, including cancelling, toggling on or off auto-renewal, manually renewing your On Hold subscription, or switching subscription format. Switching subscription format will only impact the 2020-2021 issues.

Issues published in and beyond 2022 will no longer show on your dashboard as individual files. They must be downloaded from the email we send you when each issue drops.* These emails will contain all three available file types. If you unsubscribe from these emails, you will not receive these issues. If you delete the email without downloading your issues, contacting help[at]fiyahlitmag[dot]com will have it sent to you again (but don’t make it a habit!).

You may inquire or request access to files you failed to save one time by contacting help[at]fiyahlitmag[dot]com, and an annotation will be made in your account. If you fail to do so again, the issues will have to be re-purchased.

*Subscribed after January 1st? Don’t worry! We’ll send you the issues you missed in our next quarterly drop.

Individual Issue Purchases

If you are not a subscriber and purchase an individual back issue, download links will be provided in the receipt email you receive and can be accessed under My Account > Downloads using the credentials you created when you made your purchase. Checking out as a Guest means that the dashboard approach will not be available to you, as no account has been created for you.


Updated February 2022

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