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As you may know, FIYAH Literary Magazine has the honor to be nominated for a Hugo Award for Best Semiprozine in our second year alongside some amazing magazines. We’re thrilled with this opportunity and elated for the opportunity that this presents. This is a momentous occasion for us.

Unfortunately, for many of our strictly volunteer team, the cost to go to WorldCon 77, to celebrate together in person at the convention is extremely prohibitive. While we’d love to be there in person to possibly accept this incredible award it just isn’t possible.

We don’t want to allow cost to keep us from celebrating this momentous occasion though. So we’ve devised an alternative to attending WorldCon: An Atlanta-based meetup for FIYAH staff. This meetup would serve several purposes:

  • Allow the FIYAH staff to meet each other in person for the very first time,
  • Allow us to share the moment of watching the Hugo Awards live together, and
  • Allow us to celebrate our previous World Fantasy Award together.

Here’s where we need your help. In order to make this awesome meetup happen we’d like to ask you to help us cover the cost. Here’s what we need

  • With $4,500: We can pay for transportation for the staff to Atlanta
  • With $7,000: We can pay for the cost of transportation for staff to Atlanta and lodging
  • With $7,500: We can afford staff costs AND host a Q/A gathering for friends and supporters to join us the weekend of the event.

We know this is a big ask and we appreciate any and all support that anyone can give us toward making this opportunity real. Along the way we’ll share updates and thank you for your help.

The Hugo Meetup

$2,175 of $7,500 raised

All donors to the event will have their name added to the Thank You section of the October 2019 issue of FIYAH.

Donors of $20+ will receive a mailed Thank You kit, complete with a set of 4 collectible FIYAH bookmarks, a sticker, and a code valid for discounts on merch, issues, and subscriptions in our store.

Addresses will only be used to ship Thank You perks as necessary and will not be stored beyond the event donation window for any purpose.

Donations made on this page are specific to the Hugo Meetup event and do not contribute to FIYAH’s general operating costs and regular contributors unless we receive more than we need.

Use this section to donate via PayPal.

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