Speculative literature doesn’t begin or end traditional publishing. That’s why we include indie/self-published features in many of our issues. It doesn’t begin or end with prose, either. That’s why we include poetry.

Beginning in 2019, we’ll also be featuring profiles and works by Black comic creators in each of our issues + on our website in an effort to amplify these projects. So if you’ve got something upcoming or something in the world already that you’d like to see get more attention, we’re here to celebrate you.



If interested, send an email to comics [at] fiyahlitmag [dot] com addressed to Danny, L, or FIYAH containing the following information:

  • Names of Writer/Artist/Colorist/Letterer/Editor (Plenty of books don’t have this full team, but if you do…)
  • Purchase link and/or site to check it out i.e. Gumroad or a personal site. If it is not viewable online just yet, you can skip to the attachments below.
  • Is it/Will it be available on Comixology?
  • Is it/will it be available to preorder through Diamond Comics Distributor? Then give us the item code and Final Order Cut Off Date (FOC)
  • Cover Art + 2-5 sample pages depending on size of the project. Watermarked is fine, attachments should not exceed 50MB.

Works should be SFF/speculative in nature and, of course, produced at least in part by Black staff. This definition of Blackness is globally inclusive, includes biracial/mixed race, and Afro-appended creators.

We will be in contact with folks for additional details and interview questions.

L. D. Lewis is an award-winning SF/F writer and editor, and serves as a founding creator, Art Director, and Project Manager for the World Fantasy Award-winning and Hugo Award-nominated FIYAH Literary Magazine. She is the author of A Ruin of Shadows (Dancing Star Press, 2018), and her published short fiction includes appearances in FIYAH, Anathema: Spec from the Margins, PodCastle, and Fireside Magazine. She lives in Georgia with her coffee habit and an impressive Funko Pop! collection. Find her at and on Twitter at @ellethevillain.
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