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Got some extra scratch burning a hole in your… mobile banking device? Well, now you can donate it to FIYAH to help us exceed your expectations in 2017.

Our staff is a volunteer staff, so your donations don’t go to our pockets. Instead, you’ll help:

  • increase the amount we are able to pay our creative contributors of art and over 144,000-ish words of speculative fiction
  • defray hosting costs
  • get a jump on our top secret (but totally worth it) projects to designed to bring you more content and amplify even more voices in Black SFF.

We’ve got more exciting things planned to reward our donors going into year 2, but we’ve got to get there first. For now, just hit the button below or in the sidebar or footer of any page on this site to make any donation over $5 and we’ll thank you by name in an upcoming issue of FIYAH.

Thanks for your support!

-The FIYAH Lit Team

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